0151 343 0330Smartbox™ Second Generation Digital Diesel Tuning

The van Aaken Diesel Smartbox™ plug–and–play tuning module is a technologically advanced, digital engine optimization system for modern diesel engines. Intelligent microprocessor technology gives your vehicle substantial gains in power, torque and fuel economy.

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The van Aaken Diesel Smartbox™ plug-in digital tuning system unlocks the real capabilities of your diesel engine safely and effectively.

The van Aaken Diesel Smartbox™ will deliver instant increases in power and torque on all modern diesel engines. This is applied in a smooth, user–friendly curve that will enhance your driving experience whether it be in cars, light vans, HGV’s, agricultural or commercial vehicles.

In addition you will reap the benefits of improved fuel economy as a direct result of intelligent, fully digital tuning technology. Experience sharper and cleaner acceleration from lower RPM and reduce the need to change gear so frequently.

  • BUY NOWImproved Driving Dynamics
  • Safer Overtaking
  • Fewer Gear Changes
  • Better Fuel Economy